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Data Backup


Remote backup is one of the easiest ways to leverage the power of Cloud computing. Our managed remote backup service is completely reliable and secure and offers a comprehensive hands-off solution for backing up critical system data directly to any storage media you have available right over the Internet. The service features automatic data compression, secure data encryption, and backup scheduling and backup support. By including monitoring and backup support and service, CT Computers ensures that your data will be available even if a critical system failure occurs. You'll never have to think about the safety of your data again, you can "Breath Easy."

CT Computers is one of the leading Professional Data Backup companies in the Midvale area, Davis and Salt Lake County Areas. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with state of the art data backup to enable them to carry on with business as usual after hard disk failure. If you are in need of a data backup service then ask a member of our team how we can help you.

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Why is data backup so important?

As the IT field is progressing, new malicious threats are being introduced to the IT field ever day by hackers and other negative means, which can destroy your file structure in minutes, who knows when, so it's better to be careful to do a data backup of your critical and important information and other meaningful data files. Often, an electric problem or other damage sources can destroy your data in seconds, so, if something goes wrong, you can restore your data if a crash happened suddenly, is corrupted in some way or deleted accidentally .

After all, those data files have taken lots of time to be created; it's worth your time to call a professional technician to back up your data and to save yourself from big hassles ahead. If you are looking for a professional, honest and reliable Technician, you can trust us.

Our data backup service is suitable for:

• PCs running Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7

• Apple Macs running OS 9, OS 10 (OSX) and above

• External hard drives and memory sticks/pen drives

Our data backup service includes the following types of data:

• Pictures / Music / Documents / Emails / Databases

CT Computers provide hard drive repair and data recovery services from all manner of storage devices from USB Memory and Flash storage through to hard disk drives and RAID, Stripe's, Mirror 1, Raid 5, Raid 6, Raid 10, and many more Storage Devices. CT Computers Data Recovery can advise you in every step of the process, from preparing for data loss situations through to handling your failed media and the resulting data backup process. Advice, support and help with your data loss is available 7 days a week.

If you have experienced data loss and are looking for a company to help, you want to ensure that your data is in safe hands. We offer a range designed to cater for any emergency same day service of mission critical data to a standard and cost effective 5 - 7 day service.  We often recover data from Windows Operating Systems (now including Windows Server 2008), all versions of the Apple Macintosh Operating System as well as Linux Operating Systems, regardless of the media the data was stored on or the file system that was used to create the data.

We provide first class data backup solutions to all. Our unbeatable services and prices include external hard drive backup, external hard drive repair and hard disk backup to name a few. Our expert team, CT Computers, can recover data from all storage mediums and offer expert advice to prevent data loss in the future. Trust our data backup expertise to get you back on track.


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