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Free Diagnostics


We offer a completely FREE diagnostic service. No strings attached – we will gladly check out any make and model of computer for FREE and we always let you know what the repair cost will be before we start. If you decide the cost of the repair is too much then you simply owe absolutely nada.


Free Virus Scan

If your computer is slow, or crashes frequently, you may suspect a virus. But how can you be sure? An accurate diagnosis can be tricky, so lets run through the major symptoms now.

5 Major Virus Symptoms:

  • Your PC suddenly or randomly restarts
  • Your system suddenly runs much slower for no reason.
  • You are suddenly nearing full capacity on the hard drive.
  • Your system crashes, freezes, bluescreen or locks up often.
  • You see strange error messages or pop-up boxes, especially alerts about firewalls or viruses.
- With all of these symptoms, and your pc running slow at start, that is a good clue that you may have a virus.-

Onsite Services

  • Online Virus Removal

    Dont be another victim to hackers and Fraud spoofers. Ask us about our best Anti-Everything-Viral Solution.

  • Free Diagnostics

    Free On-site Diagnostics? Call us Right now!

  • apple repair

    We repair Apple Macintosh Computers and Laptops such as Macbook, I-Mac and More..

  • Windows Repair Broken Screen

    Free On-site Diagnostics? Call us Right now!

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