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Remote Repair


We provide remote computer repair, support, network configuration and set-up. We will set-up and maintain your home or business network.  All our work is guaranteed.


Virus / Spyware Removal Remote Repair

The damage viruses can cause vary from annoying pop-ups, stealing your personal information to destroying your data. Our Virus / Spyware repair service will remove all traces of any malicious viruses and spyware.


Remote Computer Optimization

Over time, any PC bogs down due to internet clutter and an improperly maintained hard drive. Through our Remote Computer Repair Service, we'll remove the clutter, repair the registry and optimize the speed of the computer.


Remote Networking Support

Whether it is your home or business, we'll network your computers to share files, printers and the internet. We can also provide remote access to your office computers from your home.


Remote Software Installation

Through a remote computer repair session, we install and configure any specialized software with your preferences to that software.


Remote Data Backup

The importance of backing up your data cannot be stressed enough. Remotely, we will configure your computer to back itself up at any schedule. We recommend storing backups on external drives. Configuration with off-site backups is also available.


Remote Peripheral Support & Installation

We will help you install and configure any external peripheral devices. Examples of some devices include printers, scanners & digital cameras. Service also includes driver update and repair.

Onsite Services

  • Online Virus Removal

    Dont be another victim to hackers and Fraud spoofers. Ask us about our best Anti-Everything-Viral Solution.

  • Free Diagnostics

    Free On-site Diagnostics? Call us Right now!

  • apple repair

    We repair Apple Macintosh Computers and Laptops such as Macbook, I-Mac and More..

  • Windows Repair Broken Screen

    Free On-site Diagnostics? Call us Right now!

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