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Solder Repair


Advanced CT Computers stands out as one of the areas premier laptop and PC repair center.  We specialize in all types of laptop repairs and we are one of the only service companies that can properly perform many complicated laptop repairs while still offering very affordable rates to our customers. Our technicians have an extensive eletronics background as well as over 8 years of computer repair expirience.  Many other computer technicians, such as Geek #### or other Geek Chains and Retail Store,s know nothing about electronic components such as, soldering, voltages and currents, and motherboard repairs.  At Advanced CT Computers, you can be confident that the years of "Quality experience" will produce supurb quality and superior reliability to our work.

Here are some highly specialized laptop repair services we do:


Power Jack Repair


    Problems with your battery not charging?  Power shutting off unexpectedly?  Power plug getting very hot?  All of these can be signs of a faulty power jack.  Damaged power jacks are a common problem on laptops.  Our highly experienced technicians can remove your damaged jack, clean the surface and delicately repair damage to the motherboard if occured, and install a brand new jack and re-inforce it to be more secure and reliable than when it was new.  Don't let just anybody do your power jack repair.  Many places do not even offer this service, but they will charge you and send your PC out to the manufacturer to do the job. This takes longer and then they charge you more (Up Sale) for doing nothing.  Other places who do offer this service will usually make a mess of things, potentially damaging essential components and make secondary repairs more elaborate and even impossible to fix again.  Our soldering skills will ensure the job is done right the firt time.

Power Adapters


We stock most major brands of laptop power adapters.  We only sell genuine and original parts, made specifically for your laptop.  We do not sell low quality, universal adapters that are way over priced and not made for your laptop like our competitors.  If your power adapter is bad, we can save you money and headaches with our original components.


LCD Screen Repair

Our LCD screens are high quality and affordable.  They often times have a better picture quality than the original screen.  Our wholesale direct connections will save you money.  We can replace your broken or defective laptop screen at a fraction of the cost of other companies.


Motherboard Repair Or Replacement


    First, let me clarify, most motherboard problems can be repaired.  Our extensive electronics skills allows us to diagnose and repair board level components without replacing your entire motherboard.  Most other companies will have told you that you need a motherboard replaced, often times costing several hundred dollars.  It is likely we can repair your motherboard saving you hundreds of dollars.  If we haven't looked at it, then you can't be sure you were told the correct information.  A bad motherboard diagnosis is the most commonly misdiagnosed problem today. Have a laptop that will not turn on, reboots, has weird characters or graphics on the screen, wireless will not work on, or shuts off spontaneously?  Many of these issues can be motherboard related, and we can fix them without replacing the motherboard.  If we do have to replace the motherboard, we can get them at prices that make repairs cost effective.


Hard Drive Soldering


    A hard drive is the mechanical device in your computer that stores all your important information and programs.  In laptops they are smaller and more susceptible to damage due to the nature of a laptop.  Faulty or problematic hard drives are a common problem on laptops.  Slow performance, crashing, blue screens, and hiccups can be a sign of a faulty hard drive.  We can replace your hard drive and get you back up and running like new again. In some cases hard drive Power Connectors may be damagde or Break. Dont buy a new drive if you dont have to.

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