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Does windows take long to load or shutdown?

Computer running sluggish?

Programs not responding and freezing?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, you probably need a computer tune-up.

Many of us know that computer progressively slows down, becomes less effective and becomes unreliable overtime. Computers slow down gradually, you might not notice it right away of the loss of performance. Like homes or cars, computers need to be checked over, cleaned out, and tuned up once or twice a year, but not limited to new computers.

Advanced CT Computers can help, our technician has the tools, knowledge, and experience to make your computer have maximum performance, improve system reliability and setting up advance security setting on your computer.

By having CT Computer's PC Tune-Up Service, we will clean, optimize, update and speed up your system. We make sure that you will have top Performance and Advance Security Settings Enabled on your system.

Services we do to Tune-up your computer:

* 1.     Optimizing and Cleaning your Windows or Mac Registry

* 2.     Cleaning Junk and Viruses from your computer

* 3.     Professional Spy-ware Checking and Removing

* 4.     Uninstalling Unnecessary Software from your computer

* 5.     Hard Disk Fragmentation of your computer

* 6.     Optimizing Boot process of your computer

* 7.     Boosting your boot system

* 8.     Refreshing your whole computer

* 9.     Checking your computer for physical components if something is loose

* 10.   Free Professional Analyzing of your computer if any kind of Software are Hardware Upgrading is needed

We can wipe your computer clean and start fresh. We'll reinstall your current operating system and do all the updates. This also includes lifetime anti-virus protection. A complete optimization of your computer will clean out all of the virus & spy-ware with noticeably increased performance.  You will not lose any of your data with a tune-up. If you are looking for some professional, honest and reliable Computers Technicians, you can trust us, Advanced CT Computers.


Why does it slowdown?

If your computer is experiencing a slow down or reduction in speed resulting in a lack of performance then it's probably time to give it a tune-up. Computers naturally tend to lose speed over time. There are many reasons why and a few are easy to spot. Computers are constantly being asked to contain more data and the more space that data occupies the more time the computer needs to process it. Another key factor in speed degradation is program installation. The nature of technology allows for updates and new software applications on a regular basis. Every time a new application is installed, that information is stored away along with all previous applications and adds to the total amount of information a computer needs to access not only at startup but during normal use. As a result computer speed is reduced. Old applications don't just fade away they are being accessed by the computer even if the user no longer uses them. We examine those and many other potential system speed issues to determine how best to increase and improve system speed.


Prevent slowdowns

A regular preventive maintenance computer tune-up can help cut down on problems, system issues and improve speed of everyday operations. Its been said before, computers are like cars in that they need regular maintenance, or tune-up, to perform and handle as well as when they were new. That theory is mostly true. A regular maintenance and diagnostic tune-up will lengthen the life of your system and potentially save money on hardware replacement parts or even total system replacement.

We will perform the maintenance and diagnostic tune up needed to keep your system running smooth and with optimum speed again. Additionally, Advanced CT Computers offers maintenance service packages in which we perform a computer tune-up at regular intervals to ensure your computer system is always working at top speed.


Tune-Up Computer

Are you tired of your slow computer (Including: "Windows XP, Vista, 7" – Apple Mac OS X)?

Is your computer's performance leaving you unsatisfied and wanting more?  Happily, improving your computer's performance doesn't involve a medicine cabinet and chatting with a stranger while lying on a couch.  We can speed up your machine with a variety of inexpensive and painless fixes: including memory upgrades, spy-ware and virus removal, system optimizations, and thorough cleanings.

Computers have become the need of most people whether they are in home or office. But there are few facts about computers that with the passage of time depending on usage they create a lot of junks inside them which don't mean to individuals in most of the cases and they make computers slower, plus going online and other additional works on computers create a large amount of temporary files in our computers, which is usually a big load on computers and makes computers slower.

Sometime people try to install software which is not compatible with concerning Operating Systems and then what happens is that they create registry problems and other conflicting issues depending on the nature of that software. If it's not that, then it might be the new plug and play device they just bought is not compatible with your Operating System and hardware. What happens is that when they plug that device into the computer it might create a conflicting confusion for your other devices.

Not only that but there other malicious threats out there on internet which attack computers without knowing, not right away but eventually they grow in computers and make computer very slow and later a big mess. They are pretty dangerous in a sense that some of them can take your critical confidential information from computers to hackers on the back-end.

CT Computers have highly trained Professional Technicians that can fix almost any kind of problem. And we will take care of your computer and you will find your computer as fast as the day you bought it.

We offer the most affordable prices for our professional services for home and office.



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