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Virus & Malware Removal


Malware, Spyware, Trojan, Virus and Worms are the most annoying than anything else. They often cause problems with the operating system, interfering with the software operation, damaging files and in many situations, after a Trojan horse has been installed, it leads to a hacker accessing your computer remotely and perform various operations, such as sending data through the internet.

Advanced CT Computers technicians are very familiar with virus removal techniques which will minimize the potential for any lost data. While it is impossible for us to completely guarantee virus / malware removal without it affecting your important personal data, we can insure you that your data will remains intact, your data is always our number one priority.

Often, due to the complex nature of some viruses we offer a flat rate rather than charging our regular per hour rate. This saves you a ton of money and hair-pulling-out!


Malware Removal and Repair Services

The word Malware says it all. Malicious software used for the purpose of disrupting and damaging computer systems and bombarding you with problems. Advanced CT Computers technicians diagnose and repair Malware system infections more often than any other types of computer infections . Malware create annoyances and disruptions for users. Popup messages can appear with warnings, such as compromised security or out of date Virus definitions. Programs and applications and Virus Protection such as Norton or McAfee and occasionally the Free Anti-Virus Software Suites can fail to work as expected and often times cease working altogether. All those security warnings and popups are tricks to con users into clicking a button or navigating over to a website or link where more Malware can be installed. If your system appears to be Malware infected, do not click links or navigate to websites suggested by "those pop ups". Call Advanced CT Computers and have a technician perform Malware removal and repair procedures on your PC. Malware infections should be removed as soon as possible. Malware removal by itself is quite simplistic, however the repairs involved created primarily from the infections themselves are intricate requiring very precise detail and restoration techiques for adequate system rejuvination. (example: Registry Settings, Boot Settings, Folder Settings, Startup Settings and Hundreds of other setting that have to be repaired after the Damage has Occoured)

Unknown Infections Removal and Repair Services

Other types of infections include: Adware, Spyware, Rootkits, Add-on's, Keyloggers and Hijackers. Keyloggers most the time these require some direct interaction with your system, whether it be through direct contact, network connection or wireless connection. Keyloggers are usually placed and the user is targeted and will likely have information hacker is interested in stealing. Rootkit infections on the other hand are just about the most difficult to identify and remove. Rootkits gather information regarding the behavior or habits of users and then attempt to relay that information back to a file that can then be obtained by the Culprit. Serious Rootkit damage is Extreemly Difficult to repair and can require extensive time and in extreme cases a complete Operatin System Re-installation some geeks refer to this as a "NUKE and Reload". This by the way is usually our last solution. Its sort-of like throwing in the towel for those technicians who know very little about complex Removal and Repair.

Most Antivirus software Suites Such as "Norton" and "Mcafee" have a very hard time merely detecting Rootkits. When users surf the web or shop online, websites will install Malicious bits of data known as Adware. Adware is less dangerous than Malware or Spyware but is nonetheless a privacy concern in addition to causing potential slow-downs, glitches and occasonally Browser Instability alltogether. Adware keeps records and information about where you previously browsed, logged-into and places you've shopped online and they use this information to target you in the future with marketing adds time and again with only the intent to further subdue users into purchasing products, Software and Fraudulent merchandise. Adware infects users frequenly however the removal and repair much less invasive than most other threats.

Virus Removal and Repair Services

Advanced CT Computers uses the latest Virus definitions and most advanced Virus scanning software available to determine the cause of the computer problem while performing a thorough examination of your system to identify unidentified threats. With over 15 years experience our experts have learned to Repair Infections that penetrate deep into your system. Trojan's are Virus like programs that hide and lie in wait undetected usually, until the infections are so encompassing that computer systems begin to break down and ultimately fail. Warning signs appear to users who have Trojan Virus infections, sluggish computers, popup box warning messages about Virus infections in addition to application failures like email programs not working, browsers freezing and more. Trojan's can be contained and are repairable.

Virus Removal


Virus Removal SLC Utah

If your system is infested with any kind of virus or if you just want to prevent it from happening then Advanced CT Computers can help.

Is your computer acting funny? Have your friends been receiving strange e-mails from you? If you detect or suspect a virus on your computer, please contact us immediately. Just explain the symptoms your computer is having so we can come and repair it. Viruses, spy-ware, ad-ware, and Trojan horses can easily install themselves on your system without you ever knowing it. Viruses and Spyware is the main reason for slow computers and pop-ups advertisements. Our technicians will identify and repair your system against future infections we will also provide all the software needed anti-virus software, anti-spyware software, file clean-up utility. You will be surprised at how responsive your system is after our work!


These nasty bugs can wipe out your system or hijack it to perform illegal activity on your computer if you are not careful. CT Computers offesr on-site virus services for threats including: MS Blaster, Sasser,  Welchia,  Netsky, Beagle,  Gaobot, My Doom, Backdoor, all W32 variations, malware, and many more.Spyware, Popups and SPAM are ongoing problems that every computer user endures and there isn't an end in site. Security is a must these days so don't take it lightly. We can recommend and install programs that will alleviate the symptoms associated with these no good varmints.

If your computer is bogged down with popup ads and other annoyances that are slowing down your PC boot time and internet connection then Advanced CT Computers can help you get back on track. Viruses, spyware, popup ads, and adware have become an epidemic affecting almost every computer user. We can get your computer running fast again.We are experts at properly removing viruses, patching up the damage and safely protecting your files for the future. We can suggest virus scan software and also install it. Make sure you don't take viruses lightly because they can bring your computer activity to a screeching halt.


Malicious software can take over your internet connection and prevent you from using Windows Update and other tools to remove these programs and repair the damage. Our techs have years of experience in dealing with this ever changing problem.We have packaged a special bundle of software and hardware products to install on your PC that will dramatically cut down on these attacks. You usually don't know that you have spyware on your PC, but it is very dangerous to the operation of your computer. This spyware is loaded in your system through email sources, Internet sources and even, sometimes, software. DO NOT take this lightly. Call us to make sure you are protected Today and stay protected.


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